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Do you accept injured animals?

I do not accept directly injured animals. These animals come from rehab facilities or the game commission. They may have injuries or may be imprinted, either way, when they have been approved they can come here where I will teach them to become an education animal.


Do you release the animals you get?

No, these are non releasable animals, they will have already been deemed so and therefore will be with me for the remainder of their life.


What do you do with your animals?

I work with each animals I receive to help create educational animals. Being an education animal means the importance of what they do is to teach people how to no longer harm their species, how to help their species and why their species is important to the environment we live in.


Can we come out and visit the foundation?

Yes, but please make an appointment first.


Can I drop off any animals that I find?

Please contact us first to see if the animal is a good fit for us. If the animal is injured I will find the best solution to help.


What types of animals will you home?

Some examples of our local native wildlife that I may receive that would make great education candidates would be …

  • snakes 
  • raccoons
  • opossums
  • turtles
  • coyotes 
  • bobcats
  • song birds 
  • water fowl
  • birds of prey such as 
  • owls 
  • falcons
  • hawks 
  • eagles

What do your donations go towards?

Donations can go toward specific things like…

  • Building an enclosure
  • Food for a particular animal for a designated time like a month, 6 months or life
  • General donations for what I feel is needed at the moment 
  • Vet care for a particular animal

You can also donate actual items like paper towels, old bath towels, cleaners, soap

Can I adopt an animal?

Yes! But, not like you may think it means. All animals that come to us will remain here the rest of their lives. What you can do is adopt a new animal that comes in where you agree to help take care of their financial and well-being needs.

Do you bring animals anywhere?

Yes, for educational programs, once I have the animals and they are prepared, We will take them to any organization at a cost. Fees then are applied to the animals needs.

Some examples …
  • A 1 hour program with about 6-7 different animals
  • In the past I’ve done this mostly for schools, churches, large companies as a break or something fun for their employees and even birthday parties
  • Request for an owl or a few owls to go to a wedding or art opening 

Still have questions?

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can!